About Dr. Andrew Helwig

Dr. Andrew Helwig, Author, Study Guide for the National Counselor Examination and CPCE, 6th edition

Andrew A. Helwig is Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado Denver. After 22 years at the university and another seven at two other universities, Dr. Helwig retired August, 2008. At the University of Colorado Denver, he taught courses in five of the eight content areas which are included on many examinations which counselors and graduate students will be taking. This is true of the National Counselor Examination used by many states around the country for professional counselor licensure as well as for national counselor certification. These content areas are also represented on the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination which more and more universities expect their graduate students to complete.

The five content areas that Dr. Helwig has taught are:

  • Helping Relationships (Counseling Theories and Techniques)
  • Group Work
  • Career and Lifestyle Development
  • Professional Orientation and Ethics
  • Appraisal (Tests and Measurements)

Dr. Helwig received his master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Iowa State University and a Ph.D. in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin in 1978. He also has teaching experience at Utah State University and Texas A & M University — Commerce (formerly East Texas State University).

In 1990, Dr. Helwig wrote the first edition of the Study Guide for the National Counselor Examination and began conducting exam review workshops. He has now conducted over 245 workshops in 18 states and the Study Guide is in its sixth edition.

For a copy of Dr. Helwig’s entire vita, please email a request to him at: ahelwig@sprintmail.com.  See the Contact Page for more information.