Study Guide for Career Counseling Examinations


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The Study Guide for Career Counseling Examinations is designed to assist career counselors, graduate students, and paraprofessionals who are performing career development work, to learn about the field, stay current with career development concepts and assist in any examinations which have a significant career development component. Individuals who are preparing for state school counseling certification exams and professional licensure exams will also see a portion of their exams focused on career development issues.

More About the Career Counseling Study Guide

This 245-page Study Guide for Career Counseling Examinations addresses content in six areas:

  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Career Information and Career Theories
  • Career Information Resources and Training
  • Individual and Group Assessment
  • Program Management / Administration / Alliances
  • Diversity and Ethical Issues

This second edition (2005) includes discussions of career guidance and counseling competencies, test taking strategies, and study skills suggestions. The book also contains a practice exam and the Ethical Standards of the National Career Development Association.

All the material which addresses the six content areas is presented in outline format, and is double-spaced with considerable highlighting and bolding. It is very user friendly and does not look or feel like a textbook.

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