I purchased your packet and DVD series three years ago and am finally using it now. Disks one and two were very useful. Thank you for making Appraisal less intimidating.

Elizabeth of Colorado

Thanks to your NCE prep DVD’s and information I passed the NCE in July. In your study material you requested feedback. Your information was on point and covered all of the areas. However, I did notice that there were several questions regarding the DSM-5 I did not expect. I did not study any information regarding the DSM-5. So I believe that adhering to your guidance regarding the other areas was instrumental in my passing the test.

Brenda of Texas

Very challenging exam! However, this study guide was a wonderful resource. Would recommend to anyone preparing to take the NCE.

Anonymous of New Jersey

I passed my NCE with a high score. I used the 7th edition of the study guide. I received my MS in Counseling from Langston University in Oklahoma. Thanks a lot, your material made preparing for the NCE easier for me. Although I used Rosenthal too, I really felt your study guide helped me more to understand the materials better. I hope more people will use it to prepare for this exam. Highly Recommended!!!!

Stanley of Oklahoma

I wanted to thank you for your study guide which helped me pass the NCE today. I thought the material was well organized, relevant, and user friendly. The DVDs were a great addition to my studies & helped tremendously with the stats & research portion. The focus on career counseling was additionally helpful. Your care and concern for your students is evident & appreciated. I did laugh today, not a single Erickson question & I bet there were 3-4 on the CRC I took in March. Thank you again & I highly recommend your study guide to anyone taking the NCE.

Susan of Texas

I have taken the NCE exam and passed! I used the 7th edition of the Study Guide. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful study & review tool! I received my MA in Counseling from West Texas A & M University. For our CPCE exam, our professors encouraged us to use a different study resource. I had not heard of the Study Guide until I moved to Kansas. One of my co-workers heard I was studying for the NCE and suggested your materials. I ordered the Study Guide and immediately loved the outline format. I also found the test information invaluable, especially where you broke down the test into an estimated number of questions for each of the 8 categories. How nice that the latest ACA Code of Ethics was included as well as the practice exams. I used both practice exams as a way to gauge how well I knew the materials. My actual score on the NCE was almost identical to my score on the practice exam. I got in contact with my professors at West Texas A & M and suggested they begin recommending the Study Guide as a resource for students studying for both CPCE and NCE exams. Thank you again for putting together such a lovely resource! I wish I had known about it much sooner!!

Melissa from Kansas

I have taken the NCE twice before unsuccessfully. However Dr. Helwig’s class, manual and DVD pushed my score above the National Standard. Even my weakest areas (Appraisal & Research) were above standard! I have already recommended this program to others.

J. M. from Wyoming

Dr. Helwig, Thank you for your time and dedication to the National Counselor Examination Guide. I have taken and passed the NCE and feel you covered all the areas adequately. Your practice exam and the website for practice exams were particularly helpful as well. I studied your guide and Rosenthal, solely, for the exam. Your guide helped pull all of the information together in a way that was conducive for thorough study. It was well worth buying, and I appreciate the work you compiled.

Michele from Georgia

I just wanted you to know that I used your study guide, studied for about two weeks, the last week very intensely, and I passed the CPCE the first time out. I found the study guide to be very helpful and my results show as much. I don’t quite know what happened in ethics, I think I had become fatigued at that point. I marked all my answers on the test booklet then at the end of the test moved them over to the bubble sheet, which helped save time. Many of the materials you covered were right on the money as far as what to study in this edition. Memorizing the normal curve was extremely beneficial. I did purchase your DVDs and those were a great tool for me, and I appreciated some of the comic relief that you had in there. I actually listened to them on a portable DVD player as I made my 2 hour drive to Fort Hays State. I will be using this to study for the NCE as well as I graduate in December with my Masters in Community Counseling. I know of others who have used your study guide with similar success. Again. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable tool!!!

Amy from Kansas

Dr. Helwig, as a recent graduate from SFASU in counseling and in the past 12 past months I have taken and passed the CPCE, the NCE and the CRC using your Study Guide. And it worked! I used your guide in conjunction with Dr. Arthur’s NCE guide, Dr. Howard Rosenthal Vital Info and Review Audio Program for the NCE, CPCE and state exams. I also used Mometrix flash cards. Your Book and DVD Workshop were the most helpful! Thanks again!

Stanley from Texas

This is the only study material I used and I am so thankful to Dr. Helwig for making these materials. The DVDs really helped reinforce the information. I PASSED THE NCE!

Anonymous from Maryland

Dr. Helwig, I wanted you to know I passed the NCE for Texas licensure with a 117 after passing the CPCE with a 100 in July. I used your materials exclusively on the latter and re-watched the DVDs and took the NCE practice test this week for the NCE. Almost everything you said would be on the test was including logotherapy. It seemed to be very heavy on applying all the theories to the various aspects of counseling. I would really emphasize this in future conferences.  Thanks again.

Ed from Texas

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