Live Workshops for Counselor Exam Prep

national-counselor-examination-workshop-dvd-medFor many counselors preparing for the National Counselor Exam, the CPCE, or similar exams, participating in a “live” exam preparation session is most desirable. I conducted 245 of these one-day prep sessions around the country. After 20 years of helping counselors with this preparation, I stopped doing my workshops in December of 2012. However, I still get calls and messages when or whether or not I’ll be doing one near that caller’s hometown.

I’d like to remind readers that my workshop is still available, in the comfort of their home or office, on DVD. My Workshop DVDs are over six hours in length and have been updated this year to include DSM 5 material, the recent revision of the ACA Code of Ethics, and a number of other topics. Visit other sections of this website for additional information as well as how to purchase the Workshop DVDs. Although best employed in conjunction with the Study Guide for the National Counselor Exam and CPCE, the three Workshop DVDs can be very useful by themselves.

Live workshops for exam prep are available. Check online and you will find several offerings and perhaps one near your location. Many are offered by private companies or professional organizations. Check with the university where you received your degree or other graduate schools in your area and ask if they conduct exam review sessions. Some graduate school reviews may be only for their own  students or graduates.

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