Federal Government Job Opportunities for Counselors

Once you get through the credentialing process and receive your state license as a professional counselor, you will have a number of occupational possibilities open up. One of them is with the federal government.

A valuable job site listing more and more counseling jobs with a variety of US government agencies is www.usajobs.gov. This is the official website for federal positions. The agencies include the various military service branches, VA, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Coast Guard and US Justice – Prison Systems. Occasionally, the Navy even has an on-board ship position.

When you access this site, enter Counseling in the Keyword space. Under the Job Category tab on the left side, pick Social Science. You can also specify location but you might try a “broad brush” approach first such as US if you are at all mobile.

Obviously, openings occur all the time so check this listing weekly if such jobs interest you.

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